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Production Process
On the basis of long-term practices, we have developed a "Four-Step Operation" system, namely the Operators Process, which features high efficiency, high quality of products, low workload and low wear and tear.
Technical Forces
Both constant temperature and humidity to ensure high quality products. Technological innovation is the driving force for the continuous development of the company. To achieve a constant temperature and humidity condition of the workshops 365 days a year, we, for the first time in China, establish the Intelligent Both Constant Temperature & Humidity Workshops to further ensure the stable quality of products, while other manufacturers, can only control the temperature.
Q.C. Process
High quality covered yarns result from earnest and careful working attitude. We pursue zero-stain high quality covered yarns and 100% satisfaction of customers. Strict Q.C. Process: Self-inspection in workshop → Re-inspection by Q.C. Dept. →Trial weaving on hosiery machine→Packing